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WordPress 3.5.2 released – security update

There’s a security update for WordPress out – 3.5.2 ( Don’t let it spoil your weekend… just run one quick command to update all your existing 3.5.1 installs: wordshell all –core –latest –cver=3.5.1 Or to update all your installs: wordshell

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Single-file plugins

Single-file plugins are not used very widely. But, they exist – and in fact every WordPress install comes with Hello Dolly out of the box, in the file hello.php. The next release of WordShell supports listing, deleting, activating and de-activating

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New free plugin – use admin password on all accounts

We’ve made another useful plugin available, free to the community from the WordPress plugins directory – “Use Administrator Password”. This plugin does one thing: if you install and activate it, then it will allow you to log in to any

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New WordPress plugin for better site security

We’ve just had a new plugin received into the WordPress plugins directory – “No Weak Passwords”. This plugin does one thing, with no fuss – it forbids all of the 3546 passwords from OpenWall’s “common passwords” list. That list was

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A plugin you might like

This is not specifically about WordShell, but if you’re a WordPress site builder, you might like this new plugin, which we’ve just released for free to the community. Did you wish that outgoing emails from WordPress (of whatever kind –

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Add a new user?

Got a site that you need a login for? You could fiddle around in the database backend… what were those commands again? You could have a Google….. or, you could: # wordshell mysite mynewuser –user –add –[email protected] –role=admin Password: g945DFypme

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Upgrading to WordPress 3.4 with WordShell

WordPress 3.4 is out – and WordShell can help you upgrade quickly. We’re still working on the under-the-hood improvements to make WordShell’s management of WordPress core as smooth as its management of themes and plugins. But, with the right commands,

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