WordPress Multisite Support (a.k.a. WordPress Networks)

A WordPress network is a special WordPress mode, which many WordPress users have never used. If you have ever used it, then you will know about it – it takes a bit of manual setting up. A multi-site install is rather like wordpress.com – you can have lots and lots of different blogs hanging off a single WordPress installation, each blog having its own administrator, but with an overall super-administrator who can control them all. If you have not used it, then you can skip this section.

WordShell supports multi-site installations, as described below.

Plugin and theme installation, upgrading and removal

There are no differences to how plugins and themes are installed, upgraded or removed in a network installation.

Plugin activation and de-activation

There are some differences here, as on a WordPress network installation, a plugin may be activated for all sites (without the individual site-owner being allowed to over-ride), a.k.a. a “network activation”, or may be simply made available for each site for the individual site-owner to choose (“site activation”). You need to use the –network and –blog switches to select what kind of activation you are talking about when activating, de-activating and listing. By default (if not options are specified), the site’s main blog is used.

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