Future features

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More features will be added if WordShell takes off and is popular enough to justify the development. Feel free to contact us and tell us which features are priorities for you. This is our list of planned future features:

  • Done: List/modify users (e.g. reset passwords)
  • Done: Add/delete users
  • Add/delete/modify options (this is already possible via the internal CLI)
  • Access sites remotely via FISH and rsync protocols
  • Presently one of lftp or curl is required for FTP / FTPS / SFTP sites; add ncftp and wput and BSD ftp as alternatives
  • Now finished: Search-and-replace a database (e.g. for when migrating a site)
  • Now released: Database operations and backups (backups are already possible in our testing release)
  • Now released: Whole-site backups/restorations

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