WordShell Licence

WordShell is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2.  It is provided to you via a service subscription. The service subscription is per-machine (where WordShell is installed – the websites managed themselves can be on any number of machines). You must not deploy provided updates on more machines than you have purchased subscriptions for, otherwise your subscription rights are void (though you continue to have rights to the WordShell software itself; but not to receive any updates, including security updates, to it).

Support Licence

The free lifetime support is available for the lifetime of the WordShell.Net website, as long as it is being used to sell the product. However we reserve the right to permanently withdraw support from abusive customers, or those who take other hostile action against us (e.g. legal action). We reserve the right to change the conditions of lifetime support in accordance with the spirit of this provision.

Please respect the licence. It is how we are able to raise money to support continued development of this software.

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