WordShell 1.3 is out

WordShell 1.3 is out and being released to subscribers now.

The manual has been updated and is the place for fuller information, but here are some of the highlights with a few example commands added in:

Full core support

Update/list/list updates/version control/check modifications/patch management/rollback/restore/changelogs. You can now operate on core just like on themes and plugins. e.g.:

# See which sites need updating
wordshell all --core --listupdates

# Update a particular site
wordshell mysite --core --update --latest

# Roll back an update
wordshell mysite --rollback

By default, core updates to the latest version use WordPress’s built-in updater (the same as if you clicked in the admin back-end). You can also do a manual (file-based) upgrade, by adding –filemethod. This method is also used if you are changing to a version which is not the latest:

wordshell mysite --core --update --latest --filemethod

WordShell will also mirror your core installation (including wp-config.php) for disaster recovery. The mirror will include everything it finds in your WordPress directory. If you want to only mirror WordPress itself and ignore any non-WP content (and too much of that can make things a bit slower), then add –justwp to your command line whenever you deal with core.

wordshell mysite --core --list --justwp

–everything :

Use this switch to operate on each of core, plugins and themes in one operation. e.g.:

#  To list everything that is installed on your site:
wordshell mysite --list --everything

# Or to list all available updates (note that -e is an alias for --everything):
wordshell mysite --listupdates -e

Back up your database

wordshell mysite --remotecli=dbdump

e.g. To clone your database:

wordshell mysite --remotecli=dbdump | mysql newdatabase

Specify multiple sites at once:

WordShell has always let you operate on one site or all sites; now you can choose several at once. Just comma-separate them:

wordshell mysite,site2,anothersite,site4 --listupdates

Clone a site from the current mirror:

By adding an option to the –restore parameter, you can copy most of your site’s files (presently plugins, themes and core – other content from wp-content is not included):

wordshell mysite --restore=/www/copy/to/here --everything

Those are the highlights. Make sure you read the changelog to get the fuller picture; many new useful options have been added. POSIX compatibility has been improved, and various bugs have been fixed.

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