WordShell 1.3.82 released

The online manual has been updated… here are the main features. This is mostly a sanity/correctness release: lots of extra support for various corner-cases so that you don’t get surprised.

  • Sanity checks: Lint all new PHP files before installing; check for sufficient MySQL version before upgrading core; check for sufficient WordPress version before installing/upgrading plugins when using a plugin from wordpress.org
  • WordPress network (“multisite”) support(see http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network): New switches –blog and –network; supports listing, activating and de-activating plugins network-wide or on a particular site.  (e.g. “wordshell mysite akismet –activate –network” or “wordshell mysite akismet –activate –blog=myblog”). Note that installing/upgrading etc. of plugins was already multisite compatible.
  • Single-file plugins now supported; these are basically obsolete, but WordPress ships by default with an inactive one (“Hello Dolly”); you can now hose all of these (“wordshell all hello.php –delete”)
  • New switch: –mysqlversion (display site’s MySQL server version)
  • Can now use –trunk in –core mode, to install/update to the latest WordPress core from SVN version control
  • SELinux support: when working on the local filesystem on Linux, if SELinux is active then contexts will be set/preserved
  • Bugfixes, including dealing with some weird plugin version strings seen in the wild
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