WordShell 1.3.109 released – should be good for everyone

WordShell 1.3.109 has been released. This enhances your WordShell experience in three main ways:

  1. Fixes a few corner-case little bugs (which you probably never came across, but might in future!)
  2. Adds the –ignorenamechange parameter, to stop WordShell asking you to confirm that it’s OK that the name of the plugin you are updating has changed (e.g. from “Mike’s Contact Form” to “Contact Form by MikeCo”.
  3. The main new feature: the –user mode switch (for adding, deleting and listing users).

We recommend this update for everyone – the code changes are all non-intrusive, and you should only gain from it. As ever, subscribers can download the updated version from the updates page.

David Anderson (lead developer, WordShell)

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