WordShell 1.2.10 released

A new version of WordShell has been released, 1.2.10 – it is now available for purchase and will shortly be sent to subscribers.

Here is the list of changes from the previous release, 1.2.5 (which included full support for themes):

  • New remote CLI commands, allowing getting/adding/deleting/updating of options, showing maintenance state, showing disk usage, and deleting users
  • Can now install/update directly from a URL, e.g. “wordshell mysite myplugin –install –new=http://example.com/myplugin-1.0.1.zip”
  • New switch, –downloadurl, to show the download URL, e.g. “wordshell akismet –latest –downloadurl”
  • –login now performs the FTP login immediately (does not ask you to re-type the password)
  • When entering maintenance mode, you can now specify a time limit (e.g. –entermaintenance=10) and not just indefinite maintenance mode
  • Now supports use of .netrc (see “man 5 .netrc”) to store HTTP passwords for password-protected sites.
  • If you have curl or lftp installed and choose not to use .netrc, then HTTP passwords are no longer passed on the command line (prevents other users spying them from the process table on multi-user systems).
  • New switch, –editconfig, which opens up the WordShell configuration file in a text editor.


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