WordPress 3.5.2 released – security update

There’s a security update for WordPress out – 3.5.2 (http://wordpress.org/news/2013/06/wordpress-3-5-2/).

Don’t let it spoil your weekend… just run one quick command to update all your existing 3.5.1 installs:

wordshell all --core --latest --cver=3.5.1

Or to update all your installs:

wordshell all --core --latest
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2 comments on “WordPress 3.5.2 released – security update
  1. Even before it is announced on the French WordPress Site, all my customers are updated. Thanks.
    Just a bad point, is it really a hard task to integrate the regional settings for WordPress Core ?
    90% of my sites are using the french version of WP and your script compares to the Us version.
    So, I have warnings the version has been modified (indeed, three files are different for the localized version) and for the update, the fr-FR.po/.mo are not updated.
    I think you can either read this info in the wp-config file even faster, store it in the rc file of your script.
    I think it could be a huge improvement, isn’t it ?

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