What’s next?

What’s coming in the next WordShell release? Alongside the usual work of fixing bugs and tweaking existing features to make them even smoother, we have two nice features:

  • Install WordPress: WordShell will now let you install new sites from nothing; both to your local filesystem and remotely via FTP/SFTP. Syntax: “wordshell new –install –core”
  • Site checks:┬álots of people manage many sites, and don’t have time to browse them for every plugin update. WordShell now automatically visits your website’s front page, both before and after performing any update operations. If a new plugin/theme/core breaks your site, then WordShell will automatically notify you. This isn’t going to replace all need to test your sites out, but every little helps.

You don’t have to wait for it to be released. When you buy a WordShell subscription, you will receive these updates automatically as soon as they’re out – and your purchase will help speed the pace of development.

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