Upgrading to WordPress 3.4 with WordShell

WordPress 3.4 is out – and WordShell can help you upgrade quickly.

We’re still working on the under-the-hood improvements to make WordShell’s management of WordPress core as smooth as its management of themes and plugins. But, with the right commands, you can already use WordShell to upgrade WordPress. Check these out:

1) Check your current version of WordPress

# wordshell mysite --remotecli=wpversion

Not yet pretty, but the result is clear: that site is running WordPress 3.3.2. (The “AUTHOK” is an internal message, saying that authentication succeeded. That’s part of what will vanish once we make it pretty in future versions).

2) You can use a bit of trickery to see which sites need upgrading. e.g. To see all that are still using WordPress from 3.0 to 3.3:

# wordshell all --remotecli=wpversion --remotecli=optget:siteurl | grep -B1 3.[0123]

The only limits are your scripting skills.

3) To upgrade a site:

# wordshell mysite --remotecli=coreupgrade

Here is the output:

AUTHOK:Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.4-no-content.zip...
Unpacking the update...

What does that mean? That means it succeeded – the “3.4” on the last line is telling you the new current version.

Is it safe? Yes; –remotecli=coreupgrade calls into the same upgrade routines that are used when you use the admin panel on your website. The only difference is that the output is printed back to your terminal, instead of wrapped up in an admin panel shell. (Technically, we call the WordPress update routines, providing our own very empty display template for output).

If we run that command again, on a site which is already running 3.4, then we get back an error object, including the text “WordPress is at the latest version.” So, it’s quite safe to run this command on all sites without having to worry about ones that are already up to date.

Want to see features added to WordShell faster? Then tell your friends – the more copies we sell, the faster we can fund development. Remember that all WordShell purchases are subscriptions; you not only get WordShell’s great features now, but you receive future enhancements as soon as they are ready.

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