Search and replace your database

One of the most-requested features for WordShell has been the ability to search-and-replace your database. When migrating from staging to live, you often have to search and replace URLs, including inside serialized data.

The most popular tool for this isĀ, which is available under a public-domain equivalent licence.

Now WordShell brings you the best of all worlds – the same code, but integrated into WordShell, and with automatic database backup before the search/replace is done. It’s tried and tested; it saves you time; and you’ll never make the mistake of accidentally leaving a gaping hole in your site’s security by forgetting to delete searchreplacedb2.php script.


$ wordshell mysite --database --searchandreplace=http://localhost/testing^
Search and replacing (wait, do not abort): Success
Tables examined: 24
Rows examined: 2780
Changes made: 271
SQL update commands run: 229

The online manual is up to date; the capability is finished, tests successfully, and will be available to subscribers in the next WordShell release, shortly.

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