Next WordShell release is out – install WordPress, back up databases

WordPress 1.3.64 is out… here, from the changelog, are the major improvements:

  • Install WordPress – you can now use WordShell for new installations (Syntax: “wordshell new –install –core”). Works with all file access methods (local files, FTP and SFTP).
  • Automated testing – WordShell will now test that it can visit your site before and after any change operations, and automatically notify you if the site appears broken, or significantly changed. This won’t remove all need to test updates, but every little helps!
  • Database backing up – WordShell can now take a copy of your database. Example command: “wordshell mysite –database –refreshcache”. Add –sync to the command-line to force a new backup (even if your last backup was in the last few hours). WordShell will also keep your past backups (i.e. not just the present one). Find your non-current database backups, if/when you need them again, with “wordshell mysite –database –listrollbacks”, and access the files in ~/.wordshell/old.database and ~/.wordshell/current/<site>/database.
  • The internal logging code has been re-factored, paving the way for future features (e.g. use syslog, mail logs, API hooks).
  • A few POSIX compliance and minor bug-fixes and convenience tweaks.

The online manual has been updated with these changes.

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