Enhanced core support, and whole-site mode coming…

In testing right now, we have two great new time-saving features:

1) Enhanced WordPress core support

Right now you can work with WordPress core. But we’re making it as easy to use as plugins and themes.

# wordshell mysite --list --core
mysite    wordpress               3.3.2 (3.4)    WordPress Core

2) Work with plugins, themes and core all at once

You can already do things with WordShell like:

  • Update a plugin on all sites (e.g. “wordshell all contact-form-7 –latest”)
  • Update all plugins on a site (e.g. “wordshell mysite all –latest”)

With our new feature that is in testing, you can concentrate on a single site and work on all plugins/themes/core on that site all at once. This is most useful with listing (including listing updates).

e.g. Here is a site that has needed updates for plugins, themes and WordPress itself:

# wordshell mysite --listupdates --everything
mysite   advanced-custom-fields         3.1.8 (3.2.5)  Advanced Custom Fields
mysite   wordpress-https                2.0.4 (3.0.4)  WordPress HTTPS
mysite   wp-featured-content-slider (-) 2.4 (2.5)      WP Featured Content Slider
mysite   twentyeleven (i)               1.3 (1.4)      Twenty Eleven
mysite   twentyten (i)                  1.3 (1.4)      Twenty Ten
mysite   wordpress                      3.3.2 (3.4)    WordPress Core

Buy a subscription WordShell now, and you will be funding faster development – you’ll get these features quicker when they are tested and ready for release to subscribers.

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