Core support is coming; price increases

Our development version of WordShell now has a lot of tricks up its sleeve for working with WordPress core, including:

  • Listing installed versions + available updates
  • Showing modifications you have made
  • Backing up; both core files and files you added are automatically backed up

Those features are now “native”. Our aim is to make core a first-class citizen alongside plugins and themes, so that upgrades (which can currently be performed, but not as a first-class citizen), rollbacks, backups, patches and all the other features work just as smoothly with core as everything else.

The hard work has been done; the deepest bits of WordShell’s internals are now core-ready. The “ready now” features above may not seem like a huge thing, but to get there we had to lay a lot of ground-work. Thanks to WordShell’s efficient internal architecture, finishing off the rest is the smaller part of the task.

We expect subscribers to get their hands on these features by the end of the month. Since these new features will add even more incredible value to WordShell and save you even more time and money,  the price for new subscriptions will be rising in the next fortnight or so. So, to lock in your access to all of WordShell’s news features at one great price, buy now!

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