Coming soon in WordShell

The next WordShell release to subscribers adds some very handy new features, including:

1. Content backup

WordShell is now usable as a whole-site backup solution. With the new addition of handling of uploaded media and other content in the “wp-content” folder, together with existing support for plugins, themes and core, WordShell can now mirror your whole site.

Example command:

wordshell mysite --content --sync --refreshcache

You can also use WordShell to quickly search your site for a particular content file. Example to find all .pdf files:

wordshell mysite .pdf  --content --list

2. Site groups and multiple site support

You can now define groups of sites, and specify complex criteria for which sites to operate on without difficulty – e.g. “update plugin X on sites in groups A and B, excluding side C”.


wordshell @mygroup,@anothergroup,-mysite contact-form-7 --latest

3. Site options

WordShell now allows you to permanently define specific options for any individual site, storing them in the configuration file. e.g. if for a particular site you do not want to back up non-core WordPress files, then you can permanently define the option –justwp for that site; if there is a site for which you have an existing backup solution and don’t need WordShell to keep old versions, then you can permanently define the option –skipmakerollback for that site; and so on.

Those are the three biggest additions; there are many smaller ones, plus speed-ups. Buy your WordShell subscription today to speed up development, and receive new releases as soon as they are ready.

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